Brushwood's School of Dance


Video Audition Requirements

If you are unable to attend Premiere auditions you must submit video to 

or via text to 434-242-9591, no later then JUNE 10th of you performing the following skills:

  • Left and Right Double Pirouette (Turned out) -Tendu, 4th back, en dehors (outward) pirouette, finish
  • Left and Right Clean Double Pirouette Parallel - Kick ball-change, prepare, dbl turn, finish
  • Axel Turn (Tucked or Straight) - Low chaînés, Axel Turn
  • Left and Right Grande jeté - this means no developé
  • Left and Right Side Leap - Jazz style with lean
  • Left, Right, and Center Splits
  • Fouetté Turns - preparation, plié 1 turn 2, plié 3 turn 4, plié 5 turn 6, plié 7 turn 8, finish
  • Jazz Combination - 8-eight counts of your choreography
  • Modern/Contemporary Combination- 8-eight counts of your choreography

Please contact Shannon if you have any questions or concerns regarding video auditions.