Brushwood's School of Dance


Studio Safety Standards

1. No student will be allowed to wait on the porch or outside the building(s) to be picked up. They must remain in the studio until a parent comes to get them.

2. All children, including siblings, etc., must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on the premises, including the grassy areas, parking lots, vehicles, etc.

3. All dancers must wear a cover-up over their leotards while coming into and out of the studio.

4. If a student is hurt during class, she/he should notify their teacher immediately, even if it is a minor injury.

5. All teenagers who drive themselves to and from class should always exit the building in groups. If they must leave alone, they should notify their teacher so she/he can watch them walk to their vehicle. It is also suggested that teenagers, who normally drive themselves to class, let someone know (fellow student, teacher, etc.) if they are not coming to class or if they will be late to class.

6. During inclement weather, please check your email, check this website, call the studio phone (540-832-5220), call the gym phone (434-589-JUMP), or call Pam Brushwood at 540-832-3928 for cancellations. If classes are not cancelled and you feel uncomfortable driving to class, please stay home. You can always make up a class missed later.

7. During classes, we will have another adult assistant in class at all times, or ask a mother to come in as the second adult, or the door to the studio will remain open during the entire class.

8. During dance classes, teachers often “touch” students to correct posture, placement, etc. This is not inappropriate touching, but an effective teaching tool. However, if you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know immediately.

Posted November 2007