Premiere Performance Company Auditions

Saturday, August 15, 2020 ~ 10:00am - 12:00pm

Paperwork due to Shannon no later than Friday, July 31st

In order to audition for our 2020 - 2021 Premiere Dance Company you must be 13 years old by September 1, 2020. If you are not going to be 13 years old by this date but would like to try the audition (to have the audition experience for next year) please select the option "Attending auditions for experience" when filling out the audition form.

Please bring ballet/jazz, and tap shoes to the audition AND wear footless or convertible tights to be able to dance barefooted. If you do not have tap shoes, tapping in jazz shoes will be fine.  Proper dance attire is required - leotard and tights. No tank tops, t-shirts or or baggy pants allowed. Hair needs to be pulled away from the face in a ponytail or bun.

Our decision will be made by Tuesday, August 18th and Pam will send out an email with the list of those who made it and also call the new Premiere Dance Company members personally. Please make sure we have your current email address and phone number on the audition form.

Audition forms and dance requirements charts are due to Shannon no later than Friday, July 31st. Email forms to or drop them off at the studio through the mail slot. Any form/chart turned in late, incomplete or to anyone other than Shannon will not be considered for the audition.

The dance requirements chart is to help us have a uniform way to look at this information. Still continue to update your index card and keep it in the Performance box! On the chart, include all classes taken after Primary Ballet/Tap/Jazz (when you started taking individual classes at the age of 8).  Don’t forget summer classes!

The decision for who is accepted into BSD's Premiere Dance Company is based on the criteria below.  Please note that the actual audition counts as roughly 50% of the decision and is not the only deciding factor.

  • Technique and Ability - shown in classes as well as at the auditions
  • Attitude and Cooperation with teachers, dancers, and fellow students
  • Stage Presence (at the audition, in class and when performing)
  • Attendance in all 2019 - 2020 classes, not just Performance Company
  • Dance Requirements

Please note: if you audition for Premiere Performance Company you are committed to making Premiere your top priority. While we want well rounded students, if your school sports, theater, choir, band, etc, or club or community commitments keep you busy, you may want to rethink your schedule. You need to be at every Premiere class and performance - that is why it is our elite group. If you can't do that, we are a bit more flexible in Senior Performance Company, and you are welcome to stay in that class.

Technique & Ability

We are looking for advanced dancers with good posture and alignment, turnout, stretched feet and ankles, good placement and carriage of the arms, spotting on turns, etc.  The audition will consist of four parts: warm-up, center, across the floor, and three short combinations (jazz, tap, and modern).

Center exercises, across the floor exercises, and combinations will include:

  • basic steps: plié, tendu, relevé/elevé, chassé, pas de bourrée, battement, etc.
  • single and double pirouettes both outward and inward: We are looking for good balance (no hopping), foot in passé/retiré, leg placement (depends on whether you are asked for turn out or legs in parallel), and a strong finish .
  • jeté (leap) on both legs: We are looking for a split in the air, with stretched feet/ankles and good placement of the upper body.
  • chaîné and piqué turns: We are looking for good upper body support, spotting, turn out and correct alignment.
  • combinations may also include: fouetté turns, switch leaps, side (straddle) leaps, and axel turns ~ We do not expect everyone to be able to execute all of these moves perfectly but we do want to see the willingness to try these moves.

Attitude & Cooperation

Students should be enthusiastic about dance, in general enjoying each opportunity to learn more about the art form, music, and choreography. Dancers should exhibit friendliness towards fellow dancers, teachers, and parents. You must be willing to work hard with out complaint - even when you are not feeling quite up to par or when you are not particularly fond of the music, dance, or costume. We are looking for students who represent themselves and the studio well - for students who behave in a manner that speaks highly of themselves and Brushwood’s School of Dance.  We are NOT looking for students who are arrogant, conceded, caddy, or think that they are “the best.”

We are looking for dancers AND PARENTS who show respect for others, are helpful to others, and who work cooperatively with others. We are not asking you to be best friends with everyone in Performance, either in class or outside of class, but we are asking for you to work cooperatively together. We are looking for students AND PARENTS who show respect to not only the teachers and students, but other parents, siblings, dance schools, stage managers, helpers, etc.  Gossip, tattling, ridicule, or lying will not be tolerated.

Stage Presence

Stage presence requires that a dancer exhibit energy (not only in the face but throughout the whole body), smile (if appropriate) and dance in a manner that shows character, mood, or a story being portrayed. We are looking for dancers that give us stage presence both on and off the stage. We want you to perform every time you move, whether it is during the warm-up in class, rehearsing a dance, or performing in front of a crowd. Stage presence and performing needs to be something you start from day one and not add on after the movement is perfected. This is a performing company and if you feel silly or embarrassed performing the movement in class then Premiere Dance Company is not for you. We will also observe how you perform at the audition, in regular classes, at Kings Dominion and Recital this year. We are looking for dancers who show her that they enjoy dancing and performing not only on the stage but in the studio as well.


This is applies to technique classes as well as Performance. Do you call when you are running late or will be absent? Do you write your known absences in advance on the calendar. If you have a conflict with a class, rehearsal, or performance do you let your instructor know at least two months in advance? Do you supply teachers with schedules of your extra curricular activities? Is Performance Company a top priority?

Dance Requirements

Requirements are according to the 2020-21 standards:

Ballet - 4 years (or 8 semesters)
Jazz - 2 years (4 semesters or 8 summer studies)
Modern - 2 years (4 semesters or 8 summer studies)
Tap - 1 year (2 semesters or 4 summer studies)

Pre-Ballet/Tap/Jazz and Primary Ballet/Tap/Jazz (when you were ages 3 - 7) do not count towards fulfilling the requirements. Two summer classes equal one semester. We have these requirements because we want our Performance Company members to be well rounded dancers. Only requiring ballet along with Performance limits the type of dances that Premiere Dance Company can perform and there needs to be variety or we can fall into a rut where all of our dances look the same. Please do not panic if you do not have all the requirements finished. If you are very strong in the other five areas, this will not keep you from being in Premiere Dance Company. Those not meeting all the requirements must express an interest to fulfill the remaining requirements. The only way we know if you have fulfilled the dance requirements is by filling out/updating your dance requirements chart.

All members of BSD's Premiere Dance Company are required to take one other technique class (jazz, modern, or tap) in addition to ballet at our studio. Dancing an extra hour a week improves our technique as a whole and allows us to have more variety in our dances. Although Premiere Dance Company members are required to take ballet and another technique class (in addition to Premiere Dance Co.) you are not required to perform in the recital with those two additional classes. That is your decision. Only Performance dances are required in the recital.