No posting BSD videos on social networks

This is an issue that has come up for discussion in many dance programs throughout the nation - posting dances/choreography on social networks.
There will be no posting allowed of any videos of BSD choreography on internet social networks, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc., without written permission from the choreographer and BSD, and both the choreographer and BSD have the right to deny this request.

Whether it's your own video or the official recital DVD we ask that you not post it on any social networks  for a number of reasons:
1.  Some parents/guardians may not want their child on the internet.
2.  Copyrights of music and choreography. Although Pam does pay royalties for the music we use, BSD does not own the rights to that music. YouTube, as well as other social networks, have employees that review each new video posted and notify users of laws/copyrights that have been violated. BSD does not want to violate these laws.
3.  We plan to use some of these dances again at different venues. Many dancers/choreographers look to the internet for inspiration these days and may borrow ideas/moves that were originally ours. Michelle uses her choreography at PVCC and ACDF (American College Dance Festival). If adjudicators (judges) of ACDF came across a video of Michelle's choreography before the college dance festival, PVCC could be immediately disqualified.
4.  If BSD instructors choose to post videos on then you may share a link to that video with family and friends but you may not post a video of your own.
It is very important to Pam and the instructors of BSD to protect our dancers as well as our artistic ideas/choreography.  If you need any further explanations to this new policy, please see your instructor or Pam.
Thank you!
BSD Faculty