Brushwood's School of Dance


Kings Dominion Dance Festival
Sunday, April 7, 2019

The parking lot opens at 9:30am, the front gate at 10:00am and the rides start at 10:30am   

Here is the TENTATIVE schedule for Sunday. 

Any changes made the day of the festival will be posted to our Performance Company Facebook page.


Meeting Location: Action Theater

Meeting Time: 10:30 am (dressed & ready to rehearse)

Seated Time: 11:00 am (or as soon as the doors open)

Performance Time: 11:05 am

Regina's cellphone: (434)962-0173


Meeting Location: Log Flume

Meeting Time: 10:30 am (dressed & ready to rehearse)

Seated Time: 11:00 am

Performance Time: 11:30 am

Sarah's cellphone: (401)787-8852


Meeting Location: Log Flume

Meeting Time: 12:30 pm (dressed & ready to rehearse)

Seated Time: 1:15 pm (or as soon as the doors open after lunch)

Performance Time: 1:20 pm

Ashley's cellphone: (540)424-9744


Meeting Location: Log Flume

Meeting Time: 12:30 pm (dressed & ready to rehearse)

Seated Time: 1:15 pm  (or as soon as the doors open after lunch)

Performance Time: 1:40 pm

Michelle's Cellphone: (434)589-3638


Meeting Location: Log Flume

Meeting Time: 12:30 pm (dressed in full costume, hair & makeup)

Seated Time: 1:20 pm

Performance Time: 1:50 pm

Shannon's cellphone: (434)242-9591

Directions once inside the park

Walk down the right side of International Street past the fountains. At the Eiffel Tower you will go right into Old Virginia. (Petite the Action Theater is on your right - this is where you are meeting.) You will see a replica of the Liberty Bell, take a slight left and the Kings Dominion Theater will be on your right. Our meeting place will be in the area between the Wayside Grill restaurant and the Log Flume (aka Shenandoah Lumber Company) - located to the right of the Kings Dominion Theater if you are facing the front doors.

Tickets/Season Passes

Additional tickets for the Dance Festival will also be available for purchase on April 8th at the Group Sales building.  Any individuals with a season pass will need to have it processed PRIOR to entering the park. The season pass enrollment center is located to the left of the park main front gates prior to entering Kings Dominion.

Metal Detectors/Security

In the past, security guards have taken scissors, tweezers, homemade sandwiches in plastic bags, outside opened drinks, etc. at the security table. Be aware that they will search all your bags/purses and possibly keep things that they feel are a potential hazard to others. This is usually what causes the long lines in the morning at the turnstiles. If they do confiscate something of yours, they will give you a ticket so you can pick it up when you leave.  Most of the time if you let them know that these items are for the dance festival they will let you keep them.

After you perform

After we perform and your parent/guardian can meet you outside the theater (if you are facing the theater the dancers will come out around the left side of the building), you are free to enjoy the park. (Petite Performance parents please sign your dancer out with Regina!) Be sure to take off all parts of your costume and put them together in a safe place (we suggest the car). Double check that you leave with all your costume parts. Instructors will not receive score sheets until at least 30 minutes after the performance. (All specific score details and judges comments will be discussed in class the week after Kings Dominion.) 

Awards Ceremony

The awards are scheduled for 3:30pm at the theater where we performed. The awards ceremony is not mandatory. Dancers do NOT have to put on costumes for the ceremony.

Performance Details

  • Dancers should give all their belongings to family members before entering the theater to sit in the “Ready Area."
  • Upon entering the Kings Dominion Theater dancers need to be seated with their group on the right side of the theater.
  • Parents and other observers should be seated in the center and left of the Kings Dominion Theater.
  • The emcee will call your performance company approximately 5 - 10 minutes prior to your scheduled performance time.
  • A staff member will locate your performance company on the right side of the theater and stay with you throughout your time in the theater.
  • The staff member will lead your performance company into the green room.
  • Once in the green room your performance company will have a limited amount of time to stretch and warm up. There will also be a CD player available for your group to warm up.
  • KD staff members will lead your performance company out of the green room and to the stage area as groups exit the stage area.
  • Your performace company will have 3 minutes to perform in front of the judging panel.
  • Upon exiting the stage your performance company will be lead outside the right (stage right) side of the theater in the rear. (Parents, please wait outside the front theater doors and we will meet you soon after performing.)

Support BSD

We ask that all BSD Performance Company members to try to be in the audience when each of our five companies dance to show our support for one another. Please remember that these performance times are approximate and often the festival gets ahead of schedule - so plan on sitting in the theater 15 minutes before the performance time to be sure you see our BSD companies perform! We are going to see a lot of different styles of dance, costumes, and dancers at KD. Some things you will like and others you will not. Please refrain from speaking poorly of others. We want EVERYONE (parents, siblings, and friends included) representing BSD to be on their best behavior, be respectful of other dance schools/styles, and have the best audience manners they can possibly have!


  • You are responsible for your tickets given to you by your Performance instructor.  If they are forgotten or lost it is your responsibility to buy more at the Group Sales building.
  • Double and triple check that you have all parts of your costume before leaving your house! We may get points deducted off of our score if people are missing parts of their costume!
  • Bring a pair of sneakers to wear for when we practice outside on the asphalt. You do not want to practice in your jazz shoes and risk damaging them or practice in flip-flops or clogs (which are unsafe).
  • Be sure to eat before you leave home because once in costume, dancers should only have water - no food or other beverages.
  • Wear a BSD item of clothing to support our school!
  • No flash photography or videography is allowed during the festival.  But if the video production company does not show up like last year they will allow you to video. Be sure to listen to the emcee's announcements about videography during the festival.
  • BSD always buys a DVD of our performances so you probably do not want to fork over the big bucks to buy one yourself.
  • Contact your instructor with any conflicts or questions ASAP.