Brushwood's School of Dance


Gordonsville Fall Festival at the Fairgrounds

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Meeting Time: (TBA), dressed and ready to rehearse in the back parking lot

Meeting Location: BACK PARKING LOT of the studio (we still have classes going on)

Performance Time: (TBA)


  • Parents please drop off your child by (time TBA) in the back parking lot of the studio and drive over to the fairgrounds/fire station to park (King Street/East Baker Street).  
  • We will practice outside in the back lot.  
  • After running through the dances a few times we will walk up King Street to the fairgrounds, where the festival is being held, as a group
  • Our performance time is (TBA). 
  •  After all 5 companies perform, dancers will be dismissed there at the performance site. (Please remind dancers to not leave anything in the studio as we will not be coming back after our performance.) 
  • Once dismissed, dancers are free to enjoy the festival with their family. Petite Performance parents - please find Regina, after all 5 companies have performed, to sign out your Petite Performance member.

All Performance Company classes Monday, September 30th and Wednesday, October 2nd are 

mandatory in order to participate in the Gordonsville Street Festival.