Brushwood's School of Dance


FCPR Holiday Performance
Saturday, December 8, 2018

Performance Location: Carysbrook Performing Arts Center

Meeting Time & Location: 2:00pm in the Carysbrook Gym

Performance Time: 3:00pm

Here is the alternate route to take on Saturday, from Zion Crossroads to Carysbrook PAC, due to the large funeral procession scheduled for Former Fire Chief Dennis Brent traveling from Charlottesville to Palmyra mid-day.

  • On Rt. 15 drive 2.4 miles past Zions Crossroads (clocked from the last stoplight) and take a RIGHT on to Troy Rd (Rt. 631).
  • Drive 0.3 miles and take a LEFT on to North Boston Rd (Rt. 633).
  • Drive 3 miles and you will be at the four-way stop. Go STRAIGHT. (You are now on South Boston Rd.)
  • Take South Boston Rd all the way to the roundabout (4.7 miles). Take the second exit onto Thomas Jefferson Pkwy (Rt. 53, heading towards Palmyra).
  • Drive 4 miles to the next roundabout. Take the first exit on to James Madison Hwy (Rt. 15).
  • Drive 4.3 miles and the entrance to Carysbrook PAC will be on your left (AFTER the elementary school and IMMEDIATELY AFTER Carysbrook Rd)

This route will take an extra 8 - 10 minutes so please plan accordingly.

We will meet in the Carysbrook Gym at 2:00pm dressed and ready to rehearse. After running the dances a few times in the gym we will walk to the backstage area. Parents of Petite, be sure to sign out with Regina in the gym after they perform.

Performance location address:

Carysbrook Perfoming Arts Center 
8880 James Madison Highway (Hwy 15)
Fork Union, VA 23055

If you are looking at the buildings from Rt. 15, the arts center is on the left and the gym is on the right.


BSD audience members must stay seated for our ENTIRE performance of all 5 companies. Entering and exiting the theater is only permitted in between the 4 performances (i.e. between Flutterwheels & Charlie Brown or 
Charlie Brown & BSD or BSD & 2 Wishes Music).  
Thanks for adhearing to this request by FCPR.