Class Descriptions

Pre-Ballet, Tap, Jazz

Pre-Ballet, Tap, Jazz for 3-5 year olds meets for 45 minutes each week.  This class works to develop gross motor skills and involves pantomime, slow and fast exercises, directional movement, including right and left exercises, basic tap and jazz skills (age appropriate) and an introduction to dance terminology in a fun, moderately structured atmosphere.

Primary Ballet, Tap, Jazz

Primary Ballet, Tap, Jazz for 6 & 7 year olds meets for 1 hour with the period divided up for each subject either weekly or in 30-minute segments.  More dance terminology is used and more traditional class curriculum is introduced.


Ballet serves as a foundation for other dance forms and help develop grace, poise, and good posture.  Every student at Brushwood’s School of Dance is encouraged to take regular ballet classes.


Jazz, a true American art, emphasizes increased strength, control, and flexibility with an emphasis on placement and musicality.  Other jazz forms/styles are also given in class, including Hip-Hop and Lyrical, although classical Jazz technique is emphasized.


Modern dance explores movement and energy in a creative atmosphere.  Exploration of music, movement, choreography, and dance improvisation are emphasized.  Class is taken in footless or convertible tights and bare feet.


Tap develops rhythm and coordination with inimitable style.  Patterns of sound are made with the feet and include an emphasis on musicality.


Pointe (Ballet) is for students at least 12 years old who have acquired an acceptable level of strength, flexibility, and endurance. Placement in this class is by assessment and at the teacher’s discretion. To be en pointe, a student must be registered and attend both semesters and both Ballet IV technique classes in addition to the Pointe class.

BSD Performance Companies

BSD Performance Companies are by invitation only and require additional classes to be taken. Performance is strictly choreography for group performance and requires additional costs, costumes, rehearsals, and performances. Students invited into our Petite Performance Company are chosen from primary classes. Students invited into our Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Performance Companies are chosen from ballet classes. Students who wish to audition for Premiere Dance Company must be 13 years of age by September 1st and a current member of Performance.