Brushwood's School of Dance


Chaperon Duties

A chaperon is one of the most important volunteers needed to make our spring recital a success for our children. We ask that moms of each class volunteer to chaperon for a class for at least one rehearsal or performance. It is the chaperon that will insure each class member's safety, manners and well-being. Any child that is disrespectful to a chaperon or who refuses to adhere to our rules should be reported to their teacher, the stage manager or Pam immediately.

As a chaperon you are asked to be in your class area no less than 15 minutes before any student arrives. Chaperons will get a signature and time from each parent or guardian bringing a dancer to join his or her group. After each rehearsal and performance, they are asked to get a signature and time from each parent or guardian picking up a dancer from their group. Each group MUST be supervised carefully at all times. You, as a chaperon, must be able to account for the whereabouts of each child in your care. ALL DANCERS SHOULD BE KEPT WITH THEIR GROUP. The children are to stay with their group in somewhat confined area set aside for their class. No dancers should be allowed to run around the area unsupervised. This means they should not be playing "tag", cartwheels, etc, or allowed to be taking part in any kind of horseplay.


Dancers can bring games and "clean" crafts to play with, books to read, crayons (NO MARKERS), and coloring books, homework, etc. to help pass their backstage time more quickly. A chaperon should not bring infants that require even more attention than our dancers. During this special event, our dancers need our undivided attention. THERE WILL BE NO FOOD OR GUM ALLOWED IN THE SCHOOL, AND DANCERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE TO GET SOMETHING TO EAT OUTSIDE. THIS INCLUDES ALL STUDENTS AND MEMBERS AND FAMILIES OF OUR STAFF. To protect costumes while coming into and out of the school please wear a man’s button up shirt over the costumes. All dancers should have their meals

before getting to the school.